A drop safe is a smart investment for businesses that work with cash

Drop safes have been specifically designed to allow the user to simply drop valuable documents or cash into a small slot that appears on the top or front of the safe.

Drop safes are often used in businesses where large amounts of cash are handled, to secure cash on hand as fast and efficiently as possible. This includes retail stores, restaurants, service stations, betting offices, banks and post offices.

For the ultimate protection, drop safes are manufactured from indestructible materials. For further protection, a drop safe is usually installed onto a wall or floor, making it impossible to burgle. Once the cash or documents are dropped into the safe, it is secure. If need be, the safe can be opened, either by key or keypad, in order to retrieve the contents. Of course, the safe can only be opened by someone who is authorised to do so.

The only way that an unauthorised person can retrieve cash or documents from a drop safe, is through “fishing”. This refers to dropping a hooked wire, or something similar, into the slot and “fish” for the contents. These days, however, drop safes have a mechanism installed to prevent entry into the slot.

Any of the safes we offer for sale at SA Safe Signs & Plates can be converted into a drop safe by simply inserting a slot into the existing safe. Therefore, clients can choose from our entire safe selection, ranging from wall safe to category 5 quality, and we will manufacture a drop safe from the original safe.



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