Digital safes are secure and allow for easy access to authorised persons

Digital safes (or an electronic safe as it is also known) refer to a safe with a digital/electronic lock. To open the safe, one needs to key in a specific code which is programmed into the safe lock. An electronic safe is perfect for guest houses and hotels as it does not require the use of a key, which is practical since visitors and personnel cannot lose the key. It also allows all authorised persons to access the safe, without having to share a key.

Digital safes are the most popular choice in the hospitality industry, thanks to their convenience and easy access. Due to its electronic nature, this safe can be programmed to meet the user’s requirements. Some electric safes, for example, allow different people to have different access codes to open the safe.

With an electronic safe, it is also possible to keep track of who accessed the safe and when. This, of course, can serve as an added safety feature. Another smart safety feature, is the ability of a digital lock to deadlock when the wrong code is keyed in a certain number of times. This prevents unauthorised access to the electronic safe.

At SA Safe Signs & Plates, our electronic safe range is available in numerous sizes, and a motorised range is also available. If you would like more detail before purchasing a safe, do not hesitate to contact us. To order one of our quality digital safes today, clients are welcome to browse through the range on our online shop.


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