A key safe is convenient and perfect for emergency situations

A key safe refers to a safe that is specifically designed for storing keys. These safes are small, since it is not meant to store large items. It is designed as a durable metal box that is attached to a home or office, and carries the keys to obtain entrance into the premises.

Key safes can be installed onto a concrete or brick surface. With the range of models available on the market, clients can choose whether they want the safe to open with a key, or a combination lock.

A key safe is often installed in order to gain access into a property during emergency situations. Many people that are taking care of their elderly parents, for example, opt to have a key safe installed onto their parents’ home, allowing them to get the key and enter the property in case of an emergency.

These safes are also available in larger sizes. At SA Safe Signs & Plates, we manufacture and sell 20, 50, 100 and 200 capacity key safes, all of which can be purchased via our online shop. Storing a range of keys in these safes allow several authorised people to easily gain access to a property without having to duplicate and distribute keys. Of course, it also prevents the keys from being lost, or falling into the wrong hands.

To prevent unauthorised access to your property by breaking into the safe, there are certain safety precautions that one can take before attaching the key safe to a wall. Make sure that the safe is:

• Not visible from the road

• Not installed at eye level

• Not easy to identify as a key safe

• Not placed near the entrance to the property

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