Commercial/office safes are important for your company’s security

Commercial and/or office safes refer specifically to safes that are used in a commercial environment. Be it a corporate office, a hotel, a restaurant, or an industrial factory, there are always important documents and valuable items that need to be protected from outside elements, such as fire and water damage, as well as theft.

In any business, commercial safes should be a non-negotiable necessity, since it forms an integral part of a business’ security. In the retail and hospitality industries, for example, having a safe to secure cash on-site is extremely important, not only to guard large sums of cash, but also for the safety of all employees.

There are various factors that need to be considered when choosing a commercial safe for your business. One such factor is to determine the value of the contents that you want to store in the safe. The higher the value of the contents in the safe, the more rigid the security measures need to be. Often, the type of safe you choose can also affect the amount of insurance you need to pay for the protection of its contents.

At SA Safe Signs & Plates, our range commercial safes are perfect for business use and are completely fire resistant. This means that, even in the event of a fire, all documents and other valuable information will be kept safe and protected. These safes contain lockable drawers (number 2 to number 6) that are perfect for storing sensitive documents. This product has a door thickness of 10mm and a body thickness of 50mm and comes complete with either a 7-lever key lock or combination lock.

For any enquiries about our selection of commercial and/or office safes, feel free to contact us. To shop for any of our commercial safes, simply visit our online shop.


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