Outdoor signage is a terrific way to attract more clientele

Be it ground mounted, or wall mounted, outdoor signs can be extremely effective in leading customers to a business. These signs are mainly used to draw the attention of passing customers and should be placed in high traffic areas. According to studies, most customers will only make use of a product or service if they have heard of, or seen it before – therefore, having outdoor signage can benefit your business since people will notice it.

Outdoor signs serve a very specific function. Some would say they function as silent salespeople, since they are making people aware of the service you are offering, 24/7. These signs do not only draw attention, but also help clients differentiate you from your competitors. With the right signage, you can easily distance yourself from your industry competitors.

Temporary outdoor signs are a sure way to draw attention to promotions that you are offering, or limited products you have on sale. These signs offer an easy and effective way to convey the information concerning the promotion to a large number of people in a limited time span.

When acquiring outdoor signage for your business, it is important to think about the kind of traffic you want to attract. For example, ground-mounted signs are best placed near a busy road, to ensure that passing motorists, or pedestrians, notice it. Signs mounted to walls are best to display directly at your business. Apart from the signage that you install at, or near, your business premises, off-site signage is also highly effective as a marketing strategy, such as large billboards that grab the attention of passing motorists.

Some of the more popular outdoor signs we manufacture at SA Safe Signs & Plates, include estate agent signs and lightbox signs. Be sure to contact us for top quality signage options that will get your company noticed.

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