Make sure you own a rifle safe that adheres to local legislation

A rifle safe is a type of elongated safe that is mainly used to store firearms and its ammunition in a secure environment. Storing your rifle in a safe is both for your own safety, as well as others that live in your home, like small children for example.

Due to the danger of rifles being used for the wrong reasons, or falling into the wrong hands, South Africa has implemented strict regulations for rifle owners. Apart from regulations on the handling of a rifle, these regulations include legislation that stipulates that all rifle owners need to store their rifles in a secure rifle safe that has been specifically designed for this purpose.

Because these safes are used to store dangerous firearms, they are extremely strong and secure in nature. At SA Safe Signs & Plates, we have both a non-SABS and SABS range. The SABS gun safes we offer for sale complies with Small Arms Safe SABS Type B2. Our SABS approved rifle safes adhere to all regulations as set under the South African National Standards 953-1.

For our clients’ convenience, our rifle safes are available for purchase via our online shop.

South African rifle safe regulations stipulate that:

  • All rifle safes must be constructed from mild steel of industrial, or higher, quality.
  • The thickness of the safe walls, including the roof, floor and sides, should be at least 3mm.
  • The thickness of the door should be at least 6mm.
  • The safe needs to be fixed onto a floor, a wall, or any other immovable structure in the residence of the owner.
  • The rifle safe should cover the firearm entirely; it should not be visible.
  • A strong and effective locking mechanism on the safe is non-negotiable.

Depending on the type of rifle you own, we have a large selection of rifle safes available that vary in size and function. Contact us if you have any questions about our selection of rifle safes, or its adherence to rifle safe regulations.


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