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Having safety signs in the workplace is mandatory under South Africa’s health and safety legislation (Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993), especially when there are significant health and safety risks. These signs are also crucial in public spaces, where people gather, such as shopping centres, gyms, etc. The aim of safety signs, is to prevent death or injury and to ensure that employees and visitors stay clear of possible dangers and hazards in any environment.

Under the Health and Safety Act, the owner of a company is responsible for foreseeing certain dangers and to warn employees to make sure that they stay out of harm’s way. Warning and safety signs offer business owners the necessary means to avoid crises at work.

South African safety signs are available in a range of geometrical shapes and colours, and offer different pictorial symbols to warn against a variety of hazards.

Safety signs are divided into various categories:

Informative (Fire Hazard): these signs are square shaped, with a white background and a red border. The symbol on the sign must be in red and placed in the centre of the sign. Some examples of the symbol include a fire extinguisher, a location arrow and a fire hose. These signs indicate the whereabouts of an exit in case of a fire, or where the water hose and/or extinguisher can be found.

Informative (General): the general information signs are also square shaped, with a green background. The symbol is white and needs to be placed in the centre. These signs typically indicate directions to exits, medical aid kits, etc.

Mandatory Signs: mandatory signs are mostly used in areas where biohazard chemicals are present. These signs are round, with a blue background and a white, centred symbol. These signs advise employees to wear protective gear or clothing before entering a specific area.

Prohibition Signs: these signs indicate certain prohibited items/activities in specific areas. They are round, with a white background, a black symbol, and a red band with a diagonal line across the symbol. Usually, these signs indicate zones where no-smoking, no open flames, or no cell phones are allowed.

Warning Signs: with a yellow background and a black band and symbol, these signs are triangular. They indicate danger, such as wet floors, electric shocks, etc.

We manufacture and supply an extensive range of safety signs at SA Safe Signs & Plates. All our signs are created in adherence with the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993. If you require any of these signs for your company, feel free to contact us.


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