Strongroom doors create a secure, impenetrable space

Strongroom doors are specifically designed for use in institutions where an extremely high level of security is needed, such as banks, upmarket hotels, post offices, schools, diamond and jewellery shops, rare book libraries, mining companies, and other large businesses. These doors create a secure space where items of high value are stored. Most often it is used to store items such as records, important documents, large amounts of cash, valuable jewellery and other costly items.

Strongroom doors are available in various models, depending on the level of security needed. The doors are specially manufactured from materials that are fire resistant, to protect the contents in the event of fire. They are also designed to prevent entry of the secured space. Therefore, the security measures on these doors are impenetrable and offer protection against intrusion.

The doors are installed to a wall opening to cordon off a specific space. It can also be attached to a concrete construction that is part of a predesigned strongroom or vault. It has become a popular choice for large businesses to keep their valuables protected.

Our strongroom doors at SA Safe Signs & Plates offer the following advantages:

• Burglary resistance

• Protection against natural disasters (fire and water)

• High quality materials

• Possibility of relocation (of the door)

• Quality steel finishes

• High security locking mechanisms

• Quick and easy installation

• Possible to reinforce and secure existing security rooms or vaults

• Various dimensions and sizes

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