A wall safe is perfect for storing smaller, sentimental items

A wall safe is mainly used for storing cash, passports, jewellery and other valuable or sentimental items that are smaller in size. These safes are specially designed to be installed into or onto a wall. This allows a wall safe to be completely hidden from public view.

When thinking about a wall safe, one immediately thinks about a safe that is hidden behind a large painting – like in the movies. These safes do not necessarily have to be hidden behind a painting, the idea is that it should be hidden from plain sight. Many people also install wall safes into their cupboards, for easy access.

These safes should ideally be bolted to the ground or to a wall to prevent theft of the safe as a whole. Each safe is manufactured with marked holes where clients need to bolt it to their wall or floor.

Most wall safes are manufactured with tough steel and are both fire and water resistant. Since accidents can occur anytime, it is advisable to store valuable items such as family photos, heirlooms and important data in a wall safe. This way, you will know that it is protected against all elements.

Wall safes are also regularly used as a gun safe, for smaller handguns. At SA Safe Signs & Plates, our SABS approved wall safes are compliant with Small Arms Safe SABS Type B1. This means that it is in adherence with South Africa’s firearm legislation and serves as a safe place to store your smaller firearms. Shop for any of our wall safes on our easy-to-use online shop, today!

Our wall safes are available in both a non-SABS and SABS range. If you want to invest in a wall safe for your sentimental items, feel free to fill in our online form to receive a free quotation.

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